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New Jersey Muay Thai testimonials

“Master Ace Ramirez is far and away the best Muay Thai instructor I have ever had the honor of training with. His school is where I go to for my Muay Thai training. Regardless, his fighters are top notch”
Anthony Gerber,
New Jersey

"I have been training Muay Thai for 12 Years and teaching for 3 years. But I must say that the information I learned (from Master Ace Ramirez) was so good that I had this happy feeling in my belly that I hadn't had in forever. Just in what I learned in the basic drills was amazing and I feel it will take my training and teaching to the next level. It opened my eyes alot to training methodology. I love it, loved it, loved it!"
Shawn Monday,

“I have never seen or experienced a more caring, professional, and expert martial arts instructor than Master Ace Ramirez and his incredible staff of coaches, trainers, and teachers! From boxing to Muay Thai to Brazilian Jujitsu, KRU is absolutely the best place to get in shape and learn exceptional self-defense! Over the years, I’ve seen martial arts schools in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, California, Delaware, Tennessee, and the Philippines . . . probably a few more places that I don’t recall right now . . . have never seen such a dedicated, talented, and inspiring group of warriors assembled in one place…. ”
Art Park


Dear Master Ramirez,
Thank you for an outstanding muay thai workshop Friday night during the Shuman Concepts Instructor Escape Weekend. The drills and workout were top notch and I am looking forward to getting them going on the Dojo floor. I have trained with many high level martial Artists throughout the years. I am proud to say that you certainly rank right up there with all of them. Your dedication to your art went above and beyond great, since you flew in Friday just to do the workshop and left early Saturday morning for another engagement.

The KRU Training is the best I have seen in a long time. Well thought out and presented in a professional manner. My wife was also impressed by your philosophy, and let me tell you that is an extreme compliment! She is very hard to impress.
I am looking forward to continued training with you.

All the best
Mark J. Speranza
Head Sensei
Academy of Martial Arts
Lindenhurst, NY


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