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Our Champion Elite Program is designed to be a continuing education program that will take the student to either the level of Children’s Black Belt or the Adult Coach Rank Level. Although it may take the student several years to achieve, the reward of reaching such a level will affirm one’s perseverance and demonstrate truly what commitment can produce. Along with joining such an elite group of individuals who have subscribed to the goal of Black Belt, there are a few benefits to all who are accepted into the Champion Elite Program. Just a few of these benefits are as follows:

• Unlimited Open Mat Access
• Permission to take Level 2 Classes *(If qualified)
• Permission to take level 3 Classes *(If qualified)
• Evaluation and Testing Fees Waived (except Final Black Belt/Coach)
• Equipment Discount of 10-15%
• Weapons and Self Defense Group Classes
• Competition Group Classes
• In House Life-Coaching Workshops

For more information on how to qualify on becoming a KRU Champion Elite member, please contact our office.



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